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New York, Jan 25, 2021

«Sail to Freedom»: New York celebrates 200 years from the Greek Revolution

An inspiring event to commemorate and honour the 200 years from the start of the Greek Revolution of 1821 is organised by GlobalAlive LLC, a company based in New York. The event aims to promote Greece and the importance of the anniversary of the Greek Revolution for all Hellenism around the world and especially where Greek communities thrive.
The event titled “Sail to Freedom” will take place on the 6th of June 2021 with a sail towards the Statue of Liberty in a symbolic recreation depicting the message of the Greek warriors of 1821 who put Freedom as the ultimate good for the Greek nation, managing in the end the unthinkable, to defeat the super power of that period, the Ottoman Empire, and to give back to Greece its freedom.
During the event, dozens of sailing boats and motor boats, adorned with Greek flags and symbols of the Greek Revolution, will take part in an impressive sail showing also the vital contribution of the Greek nautical force of that era to the success of the Revolution and the deep relation of the Greek people with the sea that goes back centuries, way back to antiquity.
On the largest boat, a three-masted sailing boat, will be the performer of the main show- the internationally acknowledged aerial dancer, the Director Kostas Kimoulis who will supervise the filming and the broadcast of the event and key members of the Greek community. On sailing boats alongside the main boat will be media representatives of international media.
During the sail, will give a breathtaking performance with an amazing aerial dance “flying” between the masts using her blue and white, long, silk fabrics. The unique performance will symbolize the courage and the bravery of the Greek warriors of 1821 who dared a “leap into the void” in order to fight for their freedom against a huge empire.
Nikos Terzis, a Greek composer and producer, will head the music supervision of the event and has also composed a piece especially for the event and the Greeks who formed strong communities abroad. A soprano will participate in the event accompanied by a cello musician from the Conservatory of New York.

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